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Amnistia Internacional - Síria

Acabou de sair o último relatório da ONG Amnistia Internacional, onde a Síria aparece com bastante destaque. O que revela vai de encontro ao que temos ouvido das mais variadas fontes, mas acho que vale a pena ver o que escreveram sobre a tortura e que copiei aqui:

Torture and other ill-treatment
Torture and other ill-treatment were used extensively and with impunity in police stations and security agencies’ detention centres. According to reports, suspected Islamists and members of the Kurdish minority were subject to particularly harsh abuse. The SSSC and other courts often convicted defendants on the basis of “confessions” alleged to have been extracted under torture or other duress.

‘Abdelbaqi Khalaf, a Syrian Kurdish pro-democracy activist detained in September 2008, was reported to have been shackled by his wrists to a wall for eight days, tortured and otherwise ill-treated during more than a year in incommunicado detention. In August 2010 it was reported that he was being tortured to force him to “confess” to killing two members of the security forces. He was held at ‘Adra prison.

In May, the UN Committee against Torture expressed concern about “numerous, ongoing and consistent” reports of torture by law enforcement and investigative officials, at their instigation or with their consent, particularly in detention facilities, and criticized the “quasi permanent” status of state of emergency legislation which “allows the suspension of fundamental rights and freedoms”. The government did not respond and had not implemented any of the Committee’s many recommendations by the end of 2010.

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