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24 hours for Palestine

Carta que recebi do Avaaz e cuja assinatura da petição online recomendo. Para já, pelo que percebi para além de Portugal, também a Espanha e França votarão favoravelmente à entrada da Palestina nas Nações Unidas como estado observador não-membro.

Only 24 hours until the UNGA vote, we are winning country after country across Europe with our massive push. Click below to sign up and send a direct message:

Dear Avaazers,

In 24 hours the UN will vote on whether to recognise a Palestinian state. 1.6 million of us have helped get over 100 countries to back this historic peace initiative! But Israel's far-right government is furiously opposing it and many countries are still on the fence -- let's get to 2 million voices for Palestinian freedom!  

Sign the petition
In 24 hours, the UN will face a historic vote on Palestinian statehood. While extremists in Israel and Gaza killed civilians on both sides last week, responsible leaders backed this peace initiative, and it needs our help to win.

UN recognition of Palestine could help end 40 years of repression and lead to two states -- Israel and Palestine -- living in peace and security side by side. 1.6 million of us have signed on and helped get over 100 countries to support the bid! But Israel's far-right government is lobbying hard and many countries are still on the fence.

Heads of state are deciding right now. Our petition is already being widely covered in the media and delivered through actions like a 4 storey-high flag (at right) in front of key government buildings. Click below and let's get to 2 million voices for a freedom and peace that the Palestinian people have not known for a generation:


After the terrible violence and killings in Gaza and Southern Israel in recent weeks, the urgency for a sustainable solution could not be more obvious. This is a legitimate, non-violent proposal that could turn the tide on endless bad-faith 'peace' talks that simply provide cover for the steady illegal colonization of Palestine by Israeli ‘settlements’. This bid could rescue the path to a fair peace process between two states.

The Israeli and US governments are strangely calling the Palestinian bid ‘unilateral’, when in fact it's a massively popular initiative and all it's asking is for the world to vote. The UN, World Bank and IMF say that the Palestinians are ready to run their own state, if only the Israeli military occupation would end.

Last year the US alone blocked a Palestinian bid at the UN Security Council. But in the UN General Assembly, all nations vote and this resolution could end the US hegemony over this conflict. It can't make Palestine a UN member, but it can declare Palestine a state that could have access to a range of international organisations, and it is a crucial step towards ending the occupation.

After our mega campaign in Europe, France and Spain appear to be voting yes! If we all raise our voices now we can persuade all countries to stand on the right side of history and back a Palestinian state. With firm support and financial aid, this could be a turning point. Join the urgent petition to support the bid now:


Palestinian statehood will not bring a resolution to this intractable conflict overnight, but UN recognition will change the dynamics and will begin to unlock the door towards freedom and peace. Across Palestine, people are preparing, with hope and expectation, to reclaim a freedom their generation has never known. Let's stand with them.

With hope and determination,

Dalia, Alice, Jeremy, Marie, Ricken, Aldine, Nick, Pascal and the rest of the Avaaz team


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